Our products are made right from the manufacturing stage as HEIGHT INCREASING SHOES. That means that we don’t insert an additional insole later into regular shoes to make them add height (which is uncomfortable and damaging to the foot and not recommended). The secret of the height increase that our quality footwear provides lies in the carefully crafted interior construction. The hidden interior sole build up improves your posture and immediately gives you an immediate feeling of increased confidence and an increase of up to 4 inches in height depending on the shoes style. In real terms that means a gentleman who stands at 5’8″ would achieve a height of 6′ with our ‘regular looking’ shoes as soon as he slipped them on!

It is not something that regular custom shoe lifts can do. Once our Clients have tried Heit shoes they love the sensation of being unusually taller than they have ever felt. So good, in fact that they use our shoes every day. The carefully hand constructed shoes improve posture and are hugely comfortable so we don’t blame them. Furthermore you are covered by our no nonsense Money-Back Guarantee that allows you to try the shoes in the comfort of your own home to ensure that you are delighted with your purchase & will be coming back for more.

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