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Allow us to add up to 4 inches to your height instantly with our stylish, comfortable & Exclusive shoe range.

High, chunky heels look like you’re trying too hard, make you self conscious & are way too obvious. Our comfy shoes with hidden ‘height increasers’ are used daily by men across the globe.

Our high profile Clients also include successful sports stars, TV celebrities, as well as Hollywood actors that want to gain the benefits that added height can bring! (Click here to read about the results of many scientific trials that proved that taller men are more successful in life).

Heit shoes discreetly make you taller comfortably, effortlessly & stylishly and of course also come with our no quibble money back guarantee.

Whether formal, dressy shoes, stylish boots, or comfy casuals, once you’ve experienced Heit, you’ll never go back to regular shoes again! See what our current Clients have to say here, and maybe you could be next on the list!

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