We always request our Clients to write in about their experience of ‘added height’ with Heit shoes and what impact it may have had in improving their day to day life. Here is a selection of responses, maybe we could add your letter soon!

“I went from 5’6” to 5’10” and it feels great. The soes are very comfortable and I will be ordering 3 more pairs” J. McClarnon, Gateshead

“It feels great to be an amazing 3 inches taller and the shoes are better looking than the high street options” M. Wells, Loughborough

“I always wanted to be 6’. I went from 5’9 to 6’1” thanks to Heit shoes, I will be ordering again. Thank you” G. Harty, Nottingham

“Great style, great service & I am now 5’8” from an original 5’4”, it has really improved my confidence, especially with women. Thank you Heit, I enclose my next order” S. Patel, Surrey

“I’m now over 5’11” and plan to buy all your range of shoes”

“Increased my height from 5’7” to over 5’10”, I see the world differently now & will be ordering again” M. Harris, Middlesex

“Great shoes…please send my new order asap” T. Vass, Manchester

“I can’t believe I’m 6‘…it feels fantastic” K. McLeavy, Brighton

“I always felt I lost out due to my height, your shoes have been of great help to me & I would wholeheartedly recommend your company to others” J. Power, Leicester

“They look great, and the hidden height increase feels great!” M. Martin, Newport

“I always refused to wear thick heeled shoes, your shoes look great and provide a superb solution. Thank you I will be ordering again” H. Theaker, Chesire


We hope to add your delighted feedback soon! Try some Heit shoes today!

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